Klibel 4 Volume 2 – Economic Papers

Cover Proceeding V2 KLIBEL Mei2014


Name Title Page
1 KLE4201 Iim Hilman The Bank Bankruptcy Prediction Models Based On Financial Risk(An Empirical Study On Indonesian Banking Crises) 1-20
2 KLE4203 Asso. Pr. Nguyen Truong Son & Vo Thi Quynh Nga Designing the Explanatory Model for Competitiveness of Apparel Firms in the Key Economic Region of Central Vietnam 21-34
3 KLE4204 Maya Indriastuti & Rizki Herdian Wicaksono Influencers E-Money In Banking Sector 35-46
 4 KLE4206 Indri Kartika & Maya Indriastuti The Implementation Of Corporate Governance Model In Go Public Family Companies Of Indonesia Regarding To The Qualified Information Of Earnings 47-58
 5 KLE4207 Luluk Muhimatul Ifada & Chrisna Suhendi Market Reaction Based On Corporate Governance Structure 59-66
 6 KLE4208 Sawitree Kornsri A Comparative Study of China’s and Thailand’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment: Lessons, Investment Experience and Role of Government. 67-78
 7 KLE4209 I Gusti Ayu Purnamawati, Traditional Market Services For Fishermen Supporting The Framework Of Populist Based Economic Development 79-86
 8 KLE4210 Kadek Rai Suwena The Existence Of Tuak Seller At Karangasem Regency In Bali(Review From Social And Economic Perspective) 87-92
 9 KLE4211 Ni Ketut Sari Adnyani Correlation Analysis Between The Improvement Tax With Tourism Development In The Lovina Singaraja Area (Case Study In The Buleleng District) 93-101
 10 KLE4212 Assc. Prof Dr Suriyani Muhamad & Nor Fatimah Che Sulaiman The Importance Of Human Capital For Developing Countries 102-108
 11 KLE4213 Dista Arifah Arifah & M. Ma’mun Exploring Corporate Governance Disclosure Factors On Banking Industries In Indonesia Stock Exchange 109-118
 12 KLE4215 Chrisna Suhendi & Maya Indriastuti Csr Disclosure Evidence In Indonesia: Sharia And Non Sharia Bank 119-126
 13 KLE4217 Murni binti Subroto,Norida binti Basnan,Azimon binti Abdul Aziz &Azlina binti Ahmad Enhancing Malaysian Federal Government Accountability Through Annual Report: A Stakeholder Perspective 127-139
 14 KLE4221 Ei Ei Khin & Dr Petchsri Nonsiri Destination Competitiveness: A Structural Model For Measuring Attributes Competitiveness Of Bagan, Myanmar 140-150