Klibel 4 Volume 3 – Law Papers

Cover Proceeding V3 KLIBEL Mei2014



Name Title Page
 1 KLL4301 Natsuda Kiripet The Early Stage Of Bilateral Trade Agreement in Southeast Asia In Seventeenth Century 1-8
 2 KLL4308 Umi Rozah Forgiveness And Penal Mediation In Trivial or Insignificance Criminal Cases Settlement Based on Indonesian Local Wisdom 9-20
 3 KLL4309 Magaji Chiroma, Mahamad Bin Arifin, Abdul Haseeb Ansari & Mohammad Asmadi Abdullah The Concept Of Fatwa (Islamic Verdict) In Malaysia And The Constitutional Dilemma: A Legislation Or Legal Opinion? 21-31
 4 KLL4310 Nabitatus Sa’adah The Existence Of Indonesian Tax Court Viewed by Indonesian Justice System 32-41
 5 KLL4311 Amalia Diamantina Protection To Child Citizenship Right In Mixed Marriage In Indonesia 42-49
 6 KLL4312 M Shidqon Prabowo Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) As An Empowerment Effort For Small Medium Enterprises In Indonesia 50-56
 7 KLL4313 Zuhairah Ariff Abd Ghadas&Sabah Karimsharif Types And Features Of International Petroleum Contracts 57-68
 8 KLL4314 Dewa Gede Sudika Mangku & Erika Legal Consequences Of The Ratification Of The International Treaty Law Made By Indonesia In The Of The World Tourism Organization Perspective (Un-Wto) 69-76
 9 KLL4315 Mohammad Agung Ridlo, Sugiono Soetomo, Nurdien H Kistanto The Life Pattern Of The Poor Society In Semarang City-Indonesia State 77-90
 10 KLL4319 Dewi Sulistianingsih Harmonization of Law: Between Needs and Expectation to Protect Traditional Knowledge in Patent Law of Indonesia 91-96
 11 KLL4320 Dr Achmad Busro. Court Decision on the Change of Legal Status after Transsexual Surgery (An Analysis on Batang District Court No. 19/Pdt/P/2009/PN.BTG) 97-106
 12 KLL4321 Yuli Prasetyo Adhi Characteristics and Problems of Online Fiduciary in the Imposition of Fiduciary Guarantee in Indonesia 107-112
 13 KLL4325 Nukanda Methakeelatikorn The Analysis Of Law And Investment In Sugarcane Industries In Laos PDR 113-121
 14 KLL4326 Dr Nunuk Nuswardani & Dr Wartiningsih Implementation Of Integrated Forest Management Model Empowerment Through Local Leaders Forum 122-135
 15 KLL4327 S.Segarajasingham Combating White Collar Crime:A Critical Study of the Protection to Persons Making Disclosure under the Commercial Law of Sri Lanka 136-148
 16 KLL4328 Tossapon Tassanakunlapan Google, The Best Ict Business Model Or The Worst Evil Law Ever Faced. 149-157
 17 KLL4329 Rodiyah The Accelerated Model Of The Right To Work Through The Harmonization Of Manpower Policies(A Case Study of Outsourcing Manpower after the Constitutional Court Decision Number 27/PUU-IX/2011 about the Review of Law Number 13 of 2003 Concerning Substantive Justice Attainment) 158-167
 18 KLL4330 Rodiyah, Tri Sulistiyono, &Waspiah The Acceleration Model Of Protection Rights For The Impact Of Natural Disaster Based On The Local Wisdom Through The Harmonization Of Legislations 168-180
 19 KLL4331 Tri Sulistiyono Analysis For Overwhelming Issues In The Decision And Implementation Of Minimum Wage Standard In Indonesia 181-190
 20 KLL4332 Kriti Kumar & Juhi Paliwal Overlap Of Competition Policy And High Tech Patents In India: A Consumer Welfare Perspective 191-199
 21 KLL4333 Dr. Indien Winarwati The Implementation Of Togetherness Principles In Global Environmental Protection Regulations For States 200-209
 22 KLL4334 Abdulrashid Lawan Haruna, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Naqib Ishan Jan & Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Hisham Mohammad Kamal IHL and the Challenges of Civilian Involvement in Armed Conflict: Examining the Crux of the Notion of Direct Participation in Hostilities 210-221
 23 KLL4335 Suhadi Legal And Power Relationship : Revealing The Myth Of Public Interest In Land Acquisition For Development 222-231
 24 KLL4337 Rasdi Penal Mediation For Juvenile Delinquency 232-241
 25 KLL4338 Dian Latifiani The Consequences Of An Unregistered Marriage For The Wife And Born Children According To The Legal System In Indonesia 242-248
 26 KLL4340 Eny Suastuti Responsibility Of Directors State Of Enterprise / SOE ( PERSERO ) 249-259
 27 KLL4341 I Gusti Ayu Ketut Rachmi Handayani Legal Drafting Of Regulations In Priority Watersheds Jabodetabek Area Towards Sustainable Development 260-27