Klibel 5 Volume 1 – Accounting Papers






Bil. Paper Code Title Authors Pages
1. ACC_5 Value Creation Model In Indonesia Dr. Octavianus Digdo Hartomo, Msi Akt 1-9
2. ACC_12 The Effect Of Company Characteristic  Toward Firm Value In The Property And Real Estate Company In Indonesia Stock Exchange Nurul Hidayah 10-17
3. ACC_13 Factors That Determine The Effectiveness Of Internal Audit Functions In The Malaysian Public Sectors Amanuddin Shamsuddin; Divyaa Bharathii a/p Manijegar; Kanagambikai a/p Kirupanangtan Shameene a/p Rahman; and Shameni a/p Selvanathan 18-27
4. ACC_14 Decision Of Acceptance Or Rejection Of Assignment Auditing:A Test Of The Effects Of Client’s Business Risk, Risk Audit, Risk Business Auditor And Adaptation To Risk Theresia Dwi Hastuti,SE.,MSi.,Akt & Stefani Lily Indarto,SE.,MM.,Akt 28-37
5. ACC_17 Factor Influencing Of Usage Accounting Game:Study Of Learning By Game And Theory Acceptance Model Vena Purnamasari, M.Si & Dr. Agnes Advensia C. 38-48
6. ACC_18 Improving Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) for The New Fixed Assets Indonesian Tax Accounting Systems Stephana Dyah Ayu R., SE., Msi., Akt; SM. Damar Endah SE., Msi ; & Agnes Ariee M.,SE., Msi., Akt 49-56
7. ACC_20 The Effect of Good Corporate Governance Implementation and Proportions of State Ownership on Banking Firms Market Value Hamonangan Siallagan 57-67
8. ACC_21 Interaction Effects Of Reward Scheme And Identity On Budgetary Slack: The Perspective Of Morality Dr. Monika Palupi M & Dr. CB Mulyatno, Pr 68-74
9. ACC_23 The Influence Of Corporate Tax Rate Changes Toward Earnings Management Harnovinsah and Lisya 75-84
10. ACC_25 Analysis Of Factors That Influence The Attitude Of Entrepreneurs In Choosing Financing Sharia Bank Ery Wibowo & Setia Budhi Wilardjo 85-90
11. ACC_30 The Effect Of Capital And Liquidity Risk To Profitability On Conventional Rural Bank In Indonesia I Gusti Ayu Purnamawati, S.E., M.Si, Ak. 91-98
12. ACC_32 The Influence Of Taxpayer’s Awareness And Tax Morale Toward Tax Evasion Dusa Sumartaya & Atin Hafidiah 99-108
13. ACC_34 Have Islamic Microfinance Institutions In Indonesia Implement Risk Management? Muh Juan Suam Toro ; Arum Setyowati ; & Arifuddin 109-114
14. ACC_35 The Investigation Of The Profitability Of Momentum Strategy Implementation In Islamic Stocks In Indonesia Muh Juan Suam Toro & Tiffany Andreas Citra Dewi 115-119
15. ACC_36 The Effect Of Firm Size And Organizational Culture On The Quality Of Financial Reporting In Sharia Microfinancing Institution (Baitul Maal Wa Tamwil) (The Case Of Ex Banyumas Residency-Indonesia) Puji Lestari & Winwin Yadiati 120-127
16. ACC_37 Tax Awareness and Tax Education: a perception of Potential Taxpayers Rini Hastuti 128-136
17. ACC_38 Environmental Perspective:A New Perspective In Balanced Scorecard Vena Purnamasari, M.Si.,CPMA; TheresiaDwiHastuti, M.Si.Akt ; & Dr. Agnes AdvensiaC.Akt. 137-145
18. ACC_39 The Impacts Of Learning Orientation Dimention As The Relation Antecedent Between The Capability Of Information Technology Towards The Information Quality Of Accounting Management And Uncertainty Of Technology As The Moderation Variable Eliada Herwiyanti 146-153
19. ACC_40 Development Design of  Internal Control for Cooperative Entity Drs.Kusmuriyanto, M.Si; Lyna Latifah, S.Pd, M.Si; Indah Anisykurlillah, S.E, M.Si, Ak; & Nurdian Susilowati, S.Pd, M.Pd 154-160
20. ACC_41 Motivational Postures In Tax Compliance Decisions:An Experimental Studies Elen Puspitasari and Wahyu Meiranto 161-172
21. ACC_42 Analysis of Model-Based Prediction of Bank Bankruptcy In the Banking Companies Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange 2008-2012 Yusni Warastuti and Elizabeth Lucky Maretha Sitinjak 173-183
22. ACC_43 Factors Influencing The Quality Of Financial Reporting And Its Implications On Good Government Governance (Research On Local Government Indonesia) Nunuy Nur Afiah and Dien Noviany Rahmatika 184-195
23. ACC_44 Implementation of Government Regulation No. 46 Year 2013 and the Implications of Taxpayer Agnes Arie Mientarry Christie, SE, M.Si, Akt., BKP and Shandy Jannifer Matitaputty, S.E, M.Si 196-204
24. ACC_45 The Antecedent Of Clients Social And Clients Organisational Identification Towards  The Objectivity Of Auditors’ Assessment Sih Mirmaning Damar Endah, SE,MSi; Stephana Dyah Ayu R, SE, MSi, Akt; and Stefani Lily Indarto, SE, MM, Akt 205-214
25. ACC_47 The Effect Of  Government Apparatus Competence And The Effectiveness Of Government Internal Control Toward The Quality Of Financial Reporting And Its Impact On The Performance Accountability In Local Government (Survey Of All Units Local Government In Tegal City – Central Java Province- Indonesian) Dewi Indriasih and Poppy Sofia Koeswayo 215-226
26. ACC_51 Corporate Social Responsibility: The Presence Of Uniten And Its Impacts On Business Performance Of Bandar Muadzam Shah Amanuddin Shamsuddin; Adibah Binti Abu Bakar; Nur Amalina Syahiza Binti Saharudin; Nuraishah Binti Mohtar; and Nurul Atikah Binti Ya’acob 227-235
27. ACC_52 The Role Of Organizational Commitment On Individual Characteristics That Influence Of Auditor Acceptance Of Dysfunctional Audit Behavior Ceacilia Sri Mindarti and Elen Puspitasari 236-243
28. ACC_53 A Model Of  Women Cooperative Empowerment In Improving Community Welfare Indah Anisykurlillah and Lyna Latifah 244-249