Klibel 5 Volume 3 – Economic Papers







Bil. Paper Code Title Authors Pages
1 ECON_1 Does the Balance Sheet Channel of Monetary Policy Is Relevance? A Panel Evidence of Egypt Mohamed Aseel shokr; Mansor Jusoh; Mohd Azlan Shah Zaidi and Zulkefly Abdul Karim 1-14
2 ECON_2 Excellence Investment Determination Analysis  To Enhance Regional Competitiveness (Case Study to Determinate City of Semarang as Trading and Serving City) Hardiwinoto; Andwiani Sinarasri and Akhmad Fathurrohman 15-23
3 ECON_4 The Economic Transformation Of Waqf Lands – A Structure And Agency Approach Ismail Omar, PhD; Aminah Md Yusof, PhD and Faizal A. Manaf, BSc 24-35
4 ECON_5 The impact of networking on the SMEs’ ability to access financial government support in Malaysia Mustafa Gunto and Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohammad Haji Alias 36-45
5 ECON_6 Structural Homogenization Among Asean-5 Economies Choy-Yoke Chong and Prof. Dr. Muzafar Shah Habibullah 46-51
6 ECON_9 Analysis Of Poverty In Indonesia With Small Area Estimation : Case In Demak District Setia Iriyanto and Moh. Yamin Darsyah 52-57
7 ECON_18 Oil Price, Monetary and Fiscal Policy: Indonesia Evidence Rossanto Dwi Handoyo; Mansor Jusoh and Mohd. Azlan Shah Zaidi 58-71
8 ECON_22 Firm Level Environmental Performance And Financial Development:  Preliminary Evidence From Malaysia Dr. Sarma Binti Aralas; Mohd Allif Anwar Abu Bakar and Sharifah Milda Amirul 72-83
9 ECON_24 Epistemology And Methodology Of Islamic Economics Nurul Ashirah Othman; Abdul Ghafar Ismail and Bayu Taufiq Possumah 84-94
10 ECON_25 Self- Helping Model For Poverty Alleviation On The Productive Urban Poor
  1. Westri Kekalih S., SE., ME.; A. Rahutami , Ph.D, and A. Rachmad Djati Winarno, Ph.D.
11 ECON_30 Asean Economic Biopesticide: Production Of  Biopesticide Entomopathogenic Nematodes For Biological Control Insect Pests For Organic Farming Didik Sulistyanto 103-109
12 ECON_40 The Importance Of The Codification Of Islamic Contract Law In Solving Banking And Financial Disputes In Indonesia Dr. GemalaDewi, SH., LL.M and Wirdyaningsih, SH., MH 110-119
13 ECON_16 Initiatives For Financial Inclusion In India Dr. Dilip K. Chellani, and  Dr. Ramamurthy N 120-124
14 ECON_33 Modeling Exchange Rate Volatility Of Post-Conflict Economies: The Role Of Regulation Mohamed Ibrahim Nor and TAJUL ARIFFIN MASRONTajul Ariffin Masron 125-135
15 ECON_38

Towards Accommodating the Contemporary Wealth into the Zakat Folds

Sheriff Muhammad Ibrahim