Klibel 4 Volume 1 – Business Papers

Cover Proceeding V1 KLIBEL Mei2014


 ID Name Title Page
 1 KLB4103 Amanuddin Shamsuddin, Muhammad Ishfaq Meor Ruslan; Afifah Abd Halim; &Nur Fatin Zahari; Nurul Farhana Mohamad Fazi; Educators’ Awareness And Acceptance Towards Goods And Services Tax (GST) Implementation In Malaysia: A Study In Bandar Muadzam Shah, Pahang 1-14
 2 KLB4104 ALMA.Shameem Marketing of Financial Institutions in Eastern Part of Sri Lanka: Emerging Opportunities, Challenges, and Strategies. 15-24
 3 KLB4105 Moujood Mohamed Shiraj The Adoption of Business Information Technology in the SMEs:An Empirical Investigation in Eastern Province, Sri Lanka 25-40
 4 KLB4107 Mohammed Y.A. Alsabbah& Hazril Izwar Ibrahim HRM Practices And Employee Competence: A General System Perspective 41-51
 5 KLB4108 Dr. I Negah Suastika, M.Pd. Beach Abrasion Reduction EffortsIn Nature Conservation And Sector DevelopmentOf Marine Tourism In Bali 52-57
 6 KLB4109 Amanuddin Shamsuddin& Marina Muhammad Managing Intellectual Liabilities Using Risk ManagementApproach – A Conceptual Paper 58-63
 7 KLB4110 Trecy Emerald& Genoveva Analysis Of Psychological Well-Being And Job Satisfaction Toward Employees Performance in PT Aristo Satria Mandiri Bekasi, Indonesia 64-76
 8 KLB4111 Kiryanto Analysis of the Characteristics Audit Committee on Earnings Quality 77-87
 9 KLB4113 Maizura Mohamad& Izaidin Abdul Majid Servant Leadership in Social Enterprise (Cooperative): They Fit! , A Review of Literature 88-98
 10 KLB4114 Muhammad Asyraf Mohd Kassim &Hazril Izwar Ibrahim Conflict Management Styles And Organizational Commitment: A Study Among Bank Employees In Penang 99-111
 11 KLB4115 Jo-Hui, Chen &Yu-Fang, Huang Long Memory and Structural Breaks in Modelling the Volatility Dynamics of VIX-ETFs 112-126
 12 KLB4116 Aerni Isa &Hazril Izwar Ibrahim Talent Management Practices And Employee Engagement: A Study In Malaysian GLCs 127-139
 13 KLB4117 Prof.Dr. Made Sudarma,Ali Djamhuri,Dr. Zaki Baridwan, &Satia Nur Maharani Efficient Market Hypothesis Evaluation Using Psychology and Neuroeconomic Perspective: A Critical Analysis 140-159
 14 KLB4119 Aneu Kuraesin RS Effect Of The Effectiveness And Performance-Based Development Budget Commitment To The Organization Managerial Performance (Research at the City of Bandung Indonesia) 160-174
 15 KLB4120 U.A.H.A. Rathnasiri Financial Reporting Practices of Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) In Sri Lanka 175-196
 16 KLB4121 Khin Marlar Maung & Dr. Sujinda Chemsripong The Importance Of Supervisor Suppport And Peer Support In Transfer Of Training: Case Study In Myanmar 197-209
 17 KLB4122 Edy Suprianto The Role Of E-Governance In Increasing Of Local Government Performance (Case Study In Demak Province, Central Java, Indonesia) 210-220
 18 KLB4125 Dr. Zainal Alim Adiwijaya SME Empowerment Model Through Qardul Hasan Financing : Case Study at Regional Amil Zakah (BAZDA) in Central Java Indonesia 221-233
 19 KLB4127 Mui Ling Dyana, Chang.,Norazah Mohd Suki &Yin Ling Adeline, Tam Student Satisfaction with the Service Quality of Cafeteria: A Structural Approach 234-243
 20 KLB4128 Eny KusdariniSetiati Widihastuti &Candra Dewi Puspitasari The Implementation of the General Principles of Good Governance on Public Service Investment Licensing Policy in Regencies / Municipalities of Yogyakarta Special Province (DIY), Indonesia 244-253
 21 KLB4131 Hendri Setyawan Relationships between Board of Director Composition, Financial Performance and Social Performance: Evidence from Indonesia (A Research Proposal) 254-259
 22 KLB4132 Mohamed Abdiaziz Sidow & Ali Yassin Sheikh Ali Corporate Innovation And Organizational Performance: The Case Of Somalia Telecommunication Industry 260-271
 23 KLB4134 Farhah binti Saifuddin,Saim KayadibiRefik Polat Yahya Fidan & Omer Kayadibi The Role Of Cash Waqf In Poverty Alleviation: Case Of Malaysia 272-289
 24 KLB4135 Ir Yunita Ismail & Prof. Dr. Ir. T Yuri M Zagloel Industrial Symbiosis At Supply Chain 290-295
 25 KLB4136 Rufo R. Mendoza Accountancy Service Requirements of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in the Philippines 296-310
 26 KLB4137 Herry Achmad Buchory Analysis Of The Effect Of Capital, Credit Risk and Profitability To Implementation Banking Intermediation Function(Study On Regional Development Bank All Over Indonesia Year 2012 ) 311-327
 27 KLB4138 Teerayut Supapet & Kuaanan Techato Decision Making of Buyers on Green Labeled Electric Shower Unit Water Heater: Pretest Case in Discount Store, Thailand 328-334
 28 KLB4139 Fatmasari Sukesti & Mamdukh Budiman The Influence Halal Label And Personal Religiousity On Purchase Decision On Food Products In Indonesia 335-340
 29 KLB4140 Murwatiningsih Empowering The Marketing Mix Toward Purchasing Decision Based On Consumers’ Character At Traditional Markets In Semarang 341-353
 30 KLB4141 Zaw Lwin Htet, Petchsri Nonsiri & Jaruwan Daengbuppha An approach to design memorable experience of Thai tourists at a religious site: Case study of Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar 354-369
 31 KLB4143 Suryo Utomo Relationship between Shareholders’ Political Motives and Corporate Tax Avoidance 370-387